EVOLUTION LIFE is a special seminar event to evolve your mind, body, and spirit. Three amazing experts will share their wisdom, and help you take your performance and health to the next level, and evolve your entire life.

The three incredible speakers will be:

Stephanie Hage, The Athlete’s Kitchen | Topic: Nutrition and Balance

With a plethora of information telling us what we should and shouldn’t be eating, it may seem like a pretty difficult task trying to determine what actually makes up a balanced diet. The answer is surprisingly simple, and being aware of a few specific components will allow you to fuel your body in the most optimal way to achieve your athletic goals.

This presentation will teach you about the fundamentals of a healthy, balanced diet as well as an overview of sports specific strategies including energy balance, manipulating macronutrients and supplements, and myth-busting some common diet approaches and styles of eating.

Nick Papastamatis, Balance Health & Performance | Topic: Core Stability of the Shoulder

Understanding the role your shoulders play to produce and control movement is essential for performance in both sport and everyday life.

In this talk, Nick will cover:
– Some mobility tips and tricks
– How the shoulders are connected with the core
– Go through assessments to figure out whether your shoulders a bulletproof or whether there’s work to do

Ola Radka, Start with Self | Topic: The Self Starting Athlete

Tim Grover, Michael Jordan’s trainer, said that being “relentless isn’t about your physical traits. It is about your mental traits.”

This talk will teach you how to understand the mental traits you need to develop and nurture, and how to connect to the inner power that will accelerate your performance and evolution, in the gym and out.

You will learn how to leverage powerful mental training techniques, like mindfulness and simple meditations you can do before a fight or game; and you’ll learn the importance of setting goals, and the most effective ways to set them.