About Personal Training

Why Evolution Gym?

World class certified trainers

✓  Upbeat, positive atmosphere

✓  Goal-orientated setting

✓  Ultramodern facility

✓  Top quality equipment

✓  Highly individualized focus on the trainees

Meet the Trainers

The personal fitness trainers at Evolution Gym are truly some of the best out there. Dedicated and passionate, they have devoted their lives to passing on their knowledge and skills to others. For them, it is no mere job; it is a way of life. Each is not only certified, but also specializes in various forms of martial arts and exercise, and definitely practices what he teaches. You’ll find yourself being coached by a trainer who is enthusiastic, upbeat, encouraging, and, when you need it, challenging. You’ll be reaching goals you never knew were possible.

What to Expect at Evolution Gym

Evolution Gym comprises a state-of-the-art facility and the very latest modern equipment. The building itself is spacious and airy, and boasts the highest quality in gear and exercise apparatus. We believe in providing the best, so that nothing stands in the way of your reaching your full potential.

One-on-One or with Your Mates?

Evolution Gym offers you the choice! You can schedule individualized one-on-one training sessions, or you can arrange for a small group of your personally invited friends to join. This isn’t the same as being in a class with random people you don’t know; it’s just exclusively you and your chosen buddies.

Terrific Go-Getter Atmosphere

Evolution Gym is a great place to acquire the mindset of a winner. With a goal-achieving mentality, you can accomplish more than you think! Our trainers know that everybody’s got it in them to succeed, and they won’t flinch from getting it out of you. The successes you attain in our training will extend into other areas of your life, giving you a mental attitude of courage, perseverance, and self-confidence.

What are your goals?

  • To slim down? Get back in shape?
  • Tone your muscles?
  • Enjoy the health of an active lifestyle?
  • Meet people who are like-minded about exercise and fitness?

Are You a Total Beginner?

A personal trainer is often the key to success in your fitness goals. Every January, tens of thousands of people resolve to shed that extra weight and get back on a regular exercise routine. Every February, they find they’re no closer to their goal than they were before. Life with its everyday to-do list takes over, and as the months slip by, their resolution fades into discouragement.

A personal trainer can help you stay on track. Accountability to a second person is sometimes the only thing that can get you into that gym when you really, really don’t want to…at the moment. The shared interest in your progress can focus you more powerfully on your goals. Your trainer’s optimism can help get you out of the inevitable discouragement ruts and keep an I-can-do-it attitude.

Not only that, but a personal trainer offers important instruction when it comes to the exercise itself. Many people injure themselves when they aren’t accustomed to a certain type of exercise, even if they are reasonably fit. It can be from as simple as pulling a muscle to as severe as tearing a tendon. Inexperienced individuals often just don’t know when it’s serious, or how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Your trainer can teach you how to implement the right techniques to prevent common gym injuries.

Are You Already Advanced?

Even people who are already exercise devotees frequently make use of personal training. Usually, it’s what got them where they are in the first place. And it’s what keeps them there. If you’re already fit and flying high, you’ll still find yourself needing motivation, encouragement, and sometimes that determined push, to help you reach your full potential. And if it’s a challenge that you’re looking for, our trainers can provide it!

One of the problems we all face in our hectic schedules is sticking to a consistent regime. A personal trainer is a non-judgemental, detached second opinion that can help you prioritize your life and put your health and fitness up at the top of the list where it belongs.

He can also help you draw up a realistic plan based on your personal life situation, that will enable you to actually get your exercise goals done. It’s better than trying to figure it out from a blog site written by somebody whose lifestyle is completely different from yours, or trying to do it yourself where you might burn yourself out. Your personal trainer is goal-orientated. He wants to see you succeed. And he knows how to get you there.  

The Ideal You, Body and Mind

What sort of life would you enjoy if you were top-notch fit? What would your next goals then be? How would you feel in a perfect, vigorous, athletic body? These target ends are what your trainer is aiming for in you. It’s what Evolution Gym sees as a possibility for each person who walks in the door. We’ll help you keep them a constant, visible, attainable ambition.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer:

  • A non-judgemental person to hold you accountable and responsible
  • Correct technique training
  • Personalized fitness programme developed specifically for you
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Real, visible, physical results

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Evolution Gym’s a great gym to train at. Everyone’s friendly, everyone’s helpful, and we’re all here to learn and just get better. If anyone’s thinking of giving BJJ or kickboxing a go, come down to Evolution and I’m sure the guys will look after you.

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