About Kickboxing for Kids & Teens

Why Kids Should Learn Martial Arts

Contrary to popular myth, the martial arts have nothing to do with aggressiveness. Quite the opposite; the idea is that when you are strong enough to defend yourself from your opponent, you will have peace. Many kids benefit enormously from the techniques of martial arts, gaining self-confidence, self-assertion, and a healthy self-esteem. Whether your child is shy, socially awkward, or is suffering from bullying at school, learning martial arts can boost both his or her defence tactics while imparting that poise and sureness that will propel the child successfully through life.

Our kickboxing classes will teach your child:

  • Practical self-defence methods
  • Self-discipline to use those methods only when necessary
  • The confidence to defend him or herself
  • The self-esteem to know him or her true strength
  • The feeling of belonging to a team

Martial Arts and Hyperactive Kids

You may not want to see your hyperactive child learn yet another way to let out hair-raising screams and go around the house breaking stuff. Lessons on how to kick? Seriously?

But in actuality, there’s a lot more that goes into martial arts that yelling in a fierce voice and swinging an amazing kick. Your child will be trained to obey instructions, work with a team, follow discipline, and be part of a system, all while getting out his or her energy in a way that gives self-confidence and earns rewards and visible incentives.

Many parents and teachers have noticed children with ADHD and similar conditions actually improve in school and at home with lessons in martial arts. The children have more self-esteem, have been rewarded for following instructions, and have received training in remaining calm under stress. They also have somewhere to let out their pent-up energy.

Evolution Gym Instructors Are Qualified to Work with Children

Our kickboxing instructors are specially trained to work with young children. They have extensive in-the-field experience and have been coaching kids in martial arts since 2005. Our classes are small and highly personalized; each child gets a lot of individualized attention and one-on-one instruction. Children are divided into age appropriate groups where they’ll be learning with their peers; there’s a separate group for 6 to 8 year olds, and a second, older group for 9 to 12 year olds. Classes are designed to be fun and exciting, while kids progress visibly and results are achieved.

  • Experienced with kids
  • Passionate about working with kids
  • Child-level orientated instruction
  • Small classes; individualized attention
  • Age-grouped classes

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Teens’ Kickboxing Training

Although kickboxing for kids only goes so far, working with teenagers is a whole different story. These soon-to-be adults are ready to give themselves to the ideals of martial arts, and never before in their lives have been so keen for life. We are here to give them the knowledge and power they need. Martial arts are a preparation for adulthood and the world they are about to face.

Why Martial Arts Prepares for Adulthood

At a time in life when the soon-to-be young adult is struggling for a self-image, a place in society, a feeling of who he or she truly is, martial arts gives that self-esteem and confidence, and maybe even actual self-defence, that they are looking for.

Martial arts are based on a non-aggressive, conflict-solving attitude. The teens in our classes learn how to use heightened awareness of situations and face conflicts in a calm, resolving, thoughtful manner. They discover how to react with courage and determination. They are trained to stay quiet in their minds and listen to themselves, how to “feel” themselves and others. A deep respect for individuals and for society is an integral part of martial arts.

How Martial Arts Trains Your Mind and Body:

  • You’re trained how to deal with the kicks and knocks life is going to give you. You’re trained to get back up again, not give up, how to handle the situation.
  • You’ll learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. You’ll learn how to give yourself to something that is greater than you are.
  • You’ll be trained in self-control, self-discipline, and emotional calmness.
  • You’ll learn how to be aware of yourself, others, and your environment. You’ll learn how to look after yourself.

Martial arts are called that because that’s exactly what they are: martial, or military. It’s an ancient form of military discipline designed to bring out the best in each soldier under the ideals of courage, respect, and honour.




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Evolution Gym’s a great gym to train at. Everyone’s friendly, everyone’s helpful, and we’re all here to learn and just get better. If anyone’s thinking of giving BJJ or kickboxing a go, come down to Evolution and I’m sure the guys will look after you.

Kyron Cook 23/01/2018

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