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At this time of year, with winter setting in, a lot of women are wondering how they can get more out of their exercise routines for greater health benefits.

Read on about the benefits of cardio kickboxing before you make your final decision.

Your body needs 2 different types of workouts:

  • Anaerobic exercise
  • Aerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise uses short spurts of energy focused on the development of certain types of muscles. Examples are weight lifting and calisthenics.

Aerobic exercise uses steady energy and forces the heart, lungs, and blood circulation to compensate for the increase in activity. Examples are jogging and bike-riding.

Kickboxing applies both types of exercises in one single activity.

Because kickboxing involves the entire body in a combination of activities, from kicking the legs to punching with the arms to fluid torso movement, it’s one of the most efficient workouts there is. It blends the short spurts of energy with the sustained heart-pumping exercise of aerobics.

What Muscles Does Kickboxing Target?

  • The torso, called the core area. You’ll be required to rotate, bend, and support fast movement, building up to the same muscle tone that sit-ups or push-ups get in the chest and abdomen.
  • The thighs and legs will be strengthened through kicking exercises.
  • The upper chest, shoulders, and arms, will be strengthened through punching and boxing movements.
  • Kickboxing gets the heart pumping and the lungs breathing deeply as more oxygen is required for your hard-working muscles. Kickboxing is a great cardio workout, i.e. a workout that exercises and strengthens your heart.

Yes! The Ultimate Kilojoule Burner!

Getting into shape is almost inseparable from contemplating the causes and effects of our eating habits now and then.

Whether you’re a loyal kilojoule counter or not, you’re probably aware that an exercise routine needs to be a fat-blaster and kilojoule-burner to be effective.

Kickboxing ranks as one of the most efficient workouts out there when it comes to using up kilojoules.

Compare Some of the Most Popular Forms of Exercise to Kickboxing*:

Pilates – 1 hour 1,500 kilojoules
Jogging – 1 hour 2,000 kilojoules
Swimming – 1 hour 2,500 kilojoules
Kickboxing – 1 hour 3,200 kilojoules

* results can vary from individual to individual depending on present body weight, speed, etc.

So give kickboxing a thought while you’re drawing up your next exercise regime.

If you’re looking for:

  • Fast results
  • Real challenges
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Efficient kilo-burner
  • Full body workout
  • A great gym to hang out in

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