Every class is beginner friendly

You’ll never have to worry about feeling intimidated to start your training. All of our trainers are highly trained and skilled in making sure you can work and evolve at a pace that is comfortable for you, with the right attention and support that you need to never feel out of your depth.

Low student to trainer ratio

Keeping our classes small and intimate means we can focus on quality training, and whether you’re a beginner student or an experienced martial artist, you won’t get neglected in a class, and our trainers can keep an eye on you to make sure you’re always evolving on your journey.

Community focused business

Having served people from within and around the hills district for over 10 years, we don’t treat our students like customers. At Evolution Gym you’re a member of our community with a common mission to evolve your life, using martial arts and fitness as an invaluable tool along the way.

Martial arts have been around since the mid-1500s, as a variety of different systems that have been taught, studied and practiced for self-defence, competition, fitness, fun and personal and spiritual development. Along the way, a variety of martials arts spread all around the world and became increasingly more and more popular amongst people of all ages, shapes and sizes.
Evolution Gym has been an important pillar of strength for the Hills community since 2005, providing a safe and supportive environment for its members to evolve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. Our classes run 6 days a week and cater to kids from 6 years of age to mature age adults, and we welcome members at every stage of their martial arts evolution.
We truly believe that martial arts, more than any other physically challenging activity, develops consistent discipline towards the very fulfilling and rewarding goals you’ll be kicking along your journey. When you set yourself a challenge at Evolution Gym, your experience in completing those challenges and fulfilling your goals will help you grow in other areas of your life, in ways that’ll astound you.

World Class Trainers Across 6 Disciplines

We know that quality training and development starts with quality trainers, and that’s why our trainers are some of the most highly qualified, experienced and passionate in their respective specialisations. Adrin Adelzadeh, Founding Director of Evolution Gym, is himself one of the most accomplished fitness and martial arts instructors in the country, and personally selects and coaches all the trainers at Evolution Gym to ensure our world class standards are clearly reflected in your results

Exclusive Facility & Modern Equipment

Our training facility in Money Close in the Rouse Hill boasts a full-size, professional boxing ring, punching bags, Thai pads, focus mitts, kick shields and professional skipping ropes. We believe in maintaining the highest standard of equipment to allow for the most comfortable and fluid learning and training experience.