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Wrestling is the oldest form of human combat and it is fast regaining its status as the most popular combat sport in the world. There are many different styles with varying rules and objectives to defeat your opponent, but victory usually boils down to pinning your opponent or forcing him or her into submission. The thing about wrestling is that, to the untrained eye, it may not appear to be the most thrilling or graceful sport to watch. As a participant sport, however, there really is nothing else like it in terms of skill, reflexes, balance, coordination, fitness and total body strength. That’s why wrestling has been an Olympic sport since the first Olympic Games and is also one of the driving components of MMA’s runaway popularity and success.

Evolution Gym concentrates heavily on various wrestling disciplines, making it one of the best centres for learning traditional Greco-Roman, Freestyle Wrestling and even Brazilian jiu-jitsu, all of which provide excellent grappling, takedown and submission techniques that are fundamental and highly sought after skills for Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts. This centre has all the equipment that you would expect from a serious wrestling training centre, including special mats and an official ring, but more importantly, there are highly trained and accredited trainers and coaches there to help you develop the highly technical moves, holds, stances and techniques involved in wrestling.


  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Improve reflexes an co-ordination
  • Additional conditioning for cross training


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